Summary (Spoiler Alert!)

The summary of this book is as follows. On report card day at Briana and Whisper Nelson's school it started out to be a normal day.  When their mother saw that Briana received straight A's she ask Wisper to take her to Donut City, a donut chain in Oklahoma City and surrouding areas. While there Briana entered a contest, while Wisper was ordering donuts, to kick a soccer ball against Oklahoma City Kick Womens Soccer Team's goalie, Carmen Applegate. If she does she will win a Million Dollars, hence the name of this book. Briana put Whispers name down on the form thinking that they will never win the contest anyway. The next day she gets a call from the Oklahoma Daliy News Company telling her that she won the contest and that she will have to kick to the ball to win a million dollars. She knows she can't kick a soccer ball. The next day she goes to the offices of the Oklahoma City Kick on the corner of May avenue and NW 23rd Street in Oklahoma City for a press conference with Carmen Applegate. Carmen tries to psych her out by telling she dosen't have enough money for her kids and that she might be fired from the team. This is all a lie. After she asks the High School soccer coach for help and she says no, Ellie Gonzales feels bad so she helps her. After  weeks of practice with Ellie, Whisper's friend Jesse Kirby analyzes a video of  her and notices, in the background, that Carmen Applegate is spying on her. That night a tornado hit the city and severly injured Carmen Applegate. Since she is in the hospital, Whisper will need to kick the ball against Ellie Gonzales. Lucky for Whisper, although Ellie is the best goalie in the state, she still scores and wins the one million dollars. This was a very good book.